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Jamun Honey

Jamun Honey

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Jamun Honey, otherwise known as Jambhul honey, is the honey that is created from the extract collected by bees from the Jamun flowers. It has a unique flavour, colour and smell because of the flower it is collected from. The honey is pure Jamun flavour that contains no preservatives and no adulterations of any kind in them. It is collected from Jamun farms when the Jamun flowers blossoms.
Black jamuns have anti-diabetic features and are said to be suitable for diabetic patients. Jamun helps to convert the starch in the body into energy and keep your blood sugar levels in check. This honey that comes straight from the tree to your homes is a rich source of minerals and vitamins. Consuming Jamun honey regularly has also been seen to calm the mind and completely relax the body.
Having a spoon of Jamun honey early morning on an empty stomach helps to kick start the metabolism and run it smoothly throughout the day. Many people consume it with their tea, coffee or other beverages. You can also have it as a spread on slices of bread and with pancakes in place of maple syrup. Some also consume it with cereals for breakfast, oatmeal, or even a bowl of fruits and salad.
Jamun honey is dark in colour, and since it contains the nectar of Jamun flowers, it gives it the unique sweet, bitter taste. The benefits of Jamun honey are endless. Jamun fruit cures diabetes symptoms & complications, so the nectar which is from the Jamun blossoms possess these properties. This honey works as a natural blood purifier to cure digestive disorders. It is also great for eye and skin health.

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